Clan Buchan


The colours of Clan Buchan are black and green. The symbol of Clan Buchan is the sun, and a sunflower.


The holdings of Clan Buchan are the southernmost in Alba, being largely the lands east of the Ythan River and South of the Deveron River, and surrounded by the Eastern Sea.

Notable Places

On the western edge of Clan Buchan, Birness has been an important fortress, place of industry, and holy location for the Clan for generations.

Notable Clan Members


The Mormaer of Clan Buchan is the Mormaer Thorold mac Buchan


Thorold’s eldest son, Finn mac Buchan is his heir apparent, and has taken on some of his father’s duties with regards to running the clan. The heroes escorted Eilleana nic Marr to her wedding with Finn mac Buchan.

The Abbott of Birness

Father Weldon mac Buchan

Other Notes

  • Clan Marr and Clan Buchan have had a historic rivalry, which has led to occasional bloodshed. Both clans have claimed the city of Obar Dheathain in the past as their seat.

Clan Buchan

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