Setting Cosmos

There are four planes of existence: Earth, Heaven, Hell, and Tir na Nog (the Fey lands).

Three of the faiths practiced in Brythonia venerates one of these planes.


There are four faiths practiced in Brythonia:

The Gnomes practice their own variant of Aedonism, and not much is known about their rites and rituals. It is not regarded as Aedonism by most people, but as a type of Old Faith


Magic comes into the world through the other three planes. In its purest form it is visibly deployed by warlocks, witches and saints.

It is supposed by some scholars, that just as the energy from the other planes can be deployed and used on our plane, so can the energy from our plane be used and deployed on the other planes: thus the intense interest in it from the denizens of Hell, Heaven and Tir na Nog, in the dealings with earth

Scholars further speculate that the most magical essence of all may be the soul, which is why the merging of the planes is the goal of each faith.

Setting Cosmos

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