Economy in Brythonia

Two centuries of invasion by the Orcs have reduced Brythonia, and Alba in particular to relying on barter instead of coins to run the economy.

There is simply no sustainable industry, or merchant guilds that have survived the onslaught. Tools, for all trades, are rare and very valuable. Salaries are generally unheard of, labour is simply owed to your clansmen and king, either by oath or by blood relation.

Trade in Alba

Local Trade in Alba

Large scale trade is conducted by clans and the church. Mormaers, powerful Lairds and Chieftains, or Thanes who manage cities for the High King will hold market days on a regular monthly basis to the benefit of the local people. Craftsmen, and traveling peddlars will gather and exchange goods. Market days also serve as a time for collecting taxes from liegemen, and dispensing justice for petitioners (and prisoners).

Imports and Exports

The Aedonite Church Monasteries serve as centers of industry in Alba, producing honey, wax, mead, cloth, ale, glue, and distilled spirits as chief exports. The bishops coordinate movement of goods to the port cities. Halfling ships move the goods to Alamannia, in exchange for tools, raw ore, spices, and luxury goods.

Prior to the Orcish invasions, the dwarves exported jewelry, carved wood, tools precious stones and metal work. Those days are past, however, and much of the skill of the Dwarves has been lost.

In the west, human traders will travel to Hill Dwarf fairs to move market goods east overland.

Coins in Alba

see Coins in Brythonia

Banking in Brythonia

Usury is considered a sin by the Aedonites. As such there is no extensive money lending, and movement of capital is quite limited. Even the taxes levied by the king tend to be given in labour on military campaigns.

The exception to this is the Alamannian gnomish houses will occasionally tour Alba, making loans to nobles and churchmen alike. It is rumoured that failure to pay ones debts to the gnomes result in foul curses being levied against the debtor.

Economy in Brythonia

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