Brythonia is the region that encompasses Alba, Ceredigion, Mercia and Crioch Finis. Physically separated from the rest of the world by the Mor Breizh channel and the Eastern Sea.

The nations within Brythonia include:

  • Kingdom of Alba: The last remaining kingdom of Dwarves. High King: Duncan mac Crinan.
  • Kingdom of Mercia: Human kingdom, west of Alba. High King: Harthacnut, son of Cnut the Great. Baghatur “Harefoot” brother of Harthaknut serves as regent. The orcs are winning a a civil war against the human dynasty they overthrew in Mercia in 1013.
  • Kingdom of Crioch Finis: High-Elven Kingdom, northwest of Alba, in civil war. High King: None since murder of Breean Boru in 1014. Orcs control all major ports in Crioch Finis.
  • Kingdoms of Ceredigion: Elven Kingdoms/Principalities between Crioch Finis and Mercia (west of map). Belligerent Wood-Elves of wooded mountains maintain a war against humans and orcs, and consider the Dwarves of Alba their last allies in Brythonia.
  • Orkneyjar Islands: Islands west of Alba. Under the control of Orcs for centuries, used to launch raids in Brythonia. Current Ruler: Jarl Thorfinn “the Mighty” Sigurdson.
  • Northneyjar Coast: Islands north of Alba. Under the control of the Orcs for centuries, used to launch raids in Brythonia. Current Ruler: Cruoch Nic Rua, (Elven widow of Jarl Olaf Sigtryggson, murdered in 1034)

History of Brythonia

Brythonia was once under the Odygian empire of giants.

Human invasions brought down the Odygian empire, and drove the giants away. Various subject races formed small chiefdoms of their own, some of which grew into kingdoms of in their own respect.

The invading forces of the Orcs from the Bleaklands has consolidated this process even faster, and today only Alba, the consolidated Dwarvish kingdom is ruled by a race other than Orcs.

Ancient Kingdoms of Brythonia

  • Fortriu (antecedent Stonedwarf kingdom to Alba)
  • Dal Riata (antecedent Elf/Stone dwarf kingdom to Alba)
  • Srath Chluaidh (Hill dwarf kingdom, absorbed by Alba)
  • Lodain (Hill dwarf/human kingdom annexed by Alba)
  • Gall Gadhealaibh (Hill dwarf kingdom, laid waste by the Orcs, now governed by Northneyjar)
  • Carraig (Hill dwarf/human kingdom, laid waste by the Orcs, now governed by Mercia
  • Eastumbria (Human kingdom, conquered by the Orcs, merged with Mercia)


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