Bishops of Alba

The Bishops are the organizational heart and leadership of the Aedonite faith. In Alba, each bishop serves as a local ruler as far as the clergy are concerned. They determine orthodoxy of prayer and ritual, implement policy, and distribute arms, texts, and funds for church defense. Out of practicality they usually work hand in hand with the local Thanes and Mormaers. They usually come from the same family as the local Mormaer.

The local bishop is selected by the local clergy, and approved and anointed by the bishop of Cill Rimhinn—who is the archbishop of Alba. Each bishop has a major temple, a cathedral, which serves as the centre of their see. Local parishes do not exist in Alba, itinerant priests are dispatched by the bishop to serve the needs of the various communities. Monasteries exist, but are non-magical organizations. The ability to use magic is considered a sign of the blessing of God Almighty (and certain holiness and sainthood after death) and exceedingly rare.

The Bishop of Dun Chaillean serves as Royal Chancellor, and their nomination is approved by the High King.

List of Bishops in Alba

The following cities serve as Bishops’ seats, in and near Alba, therefore an Aedonite temple in each city is known as the cathedral:

  • Breichin
  • Cill Rimhinn (Archbishop)
  • Dun Bhlathain
  • Dun Chaillean (Chancellor to the High King)
  • Eilginn
  • Glaschu
  • Obar Dheathain
  • Ros Mairenidh

Some bishops hold Sees in what is now Orc-ruled territory. These bishops are no longer in explicit communication with the Bishop of Cill Rimhinn, and his approval is not needed (nor sought) for anointing successors. In any case, there would be no interference as it would threaten the integrity of the Aedonite church. The Bishop of Durham has never been under the supervision of the Bishops of Alba, and serve a separately organized Mercian Church.

  • Cathair Luail (Bishop answers to the Bishop of Durham)
  • Dornach (Bishop answers to the Bishop pf Kirkjuvagr)
  • Durham (Bishop appointed by the Jarl of Eastumbria)
  • Kirkjuvagr (Bishop appointed by the Jarl of Orkneyjar)

Relics in Alba

Notable relics held by various bishops, include:

  • The relics of Saint Mungo, in Glaschu Cathedral
  • The relics of Saint Columba in Dun Chaillean Cathedral
  • The relics of Saint Cuthbert in Durham Cathedral
  • The relics of Saint Triduana in Kirkjuvagr Cathedral
  • The sacred relics of Saint Andros—a disciple of Usires Aedon—in Cill Rimmhinn Cathedral.

Other minor relics can be found throughout Alba.

Relics are invested with the magic imbued into the very essence of saints by God, and therefore are known to possess magic powers. The closer the saint was to Aedon Usires, the more powerful the magic in their relics will be.

Bishops of Alba

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