The Ythan Moors

The Ythan Moors lie between Clan Buchan and the city of Obar Dheathain along the coast of the Eastern Sea.

The moors are drained by the river Ythan, which is a swift and rocky river, reliably crossable in three places:

  • The Methlick Bridge in the North.

This bridge appears to be of giant construction, and crosses the Ythan above a large waterfall. The Methlick Bridge, though a sight to behold, is a crossing filled with blind corners, allowing for ambushes.

The heroes travelled across this bridge while escorting Eilleana nic Marr to her wedding, and were ambushed by Rollick the Knife and his bandits.

  • The Ellon Ford

Midway along the river crossing, unlike other fords in the river, the Ellon has proven to be a reliable place to cross the Ythan year after year, though it can run high in the spring.

  • The Mickle Tarty

The fens where the Ythan river meets the Eastern Sea. The normally swift Ythan becomes sluggish and slow as it meets the brackwater, and it is possible to follow the coast through the Mickle Tarty, though constant deposits and erosion means no path is reliable.

The coastal road from Obar Dheathain to Clan Buchan leads to the Mickle Tarty

The Heroes have learned that Rollick the Knife and his bandits hold an abandoned fortress in the Mickle Tarty.

The Ythan Moors

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