Obar Dheathain

Obar Dheathain


A busy harbour city dug in to a craggy hillock where the Dee and Don rivers meet the Eastern Sea.

A poorly used road leads north to Clan Marr lands. Another road follows the coast east through the Ythan Moors.

The city has historically been claimed as a seat by both Clan Marr and Clan Buchan.


  • The Fish and Griddle: The tavern the heroes initially met at.
  • Bishop’s Seat: The Cathedral of St. Machar is home to the Bishop of Obar Dheathain.
  • The Lodge of Evocation
  • The Bardic College of Valor

The People

Obar Dheathain is Mountain Dwarf majority, with notable Orc, and Halfling minorities.

The city is administered by Thane Innis Lochaber.

h.2 History

The heroes adventures began in Obar Dheathain

Obar Dheathain

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