Coins in Brythonia

No kingdom in Brythonia has a functional enough economy to mint coins and maintain standard value. Most trade is conducted through barter. Clans for the dwarves, and other family and fealty systems for other races provide for their own.

This is not to say, however that coins are unknown. They are simply quite rare, and don’t have an easily established transaction value. Hoards of treasure are occasionally found, and traders from other lands bring coins with them to do business in Brythonia.

Known Coins

  • Odygian Denarii.
    The coin of the realm for the Odygian Empire were the silver denarii. Approximately three-quarter-ounce of silver cast in a circle, with a square hole through the centre. These are curiosities recognized as antiquities, and considered good luck charms or bringers of wealth in the Old Faith. Images on the coins vary. Generally they are found in tombs or other ruins of antiquity.
  • Alemannian Marks
    Gold coins issued by the Alemannian Empire. Small quarter-ounce round coins, with the crossed axes of Alemannia on the face, and an emperors image on the reverse. These are quite valuable and used to transact large values between nobles in Brythonia. They are most often brought to Brythonia by Gnomish money lenders, and used by nobles or other powerful figures.
  • Alemannian Eagles
    Bronze coins issued by the Alemannian Empire. Large one-ounce round coins, marked with either the eagle or (older) the dragon on the face, and a dignitary’s image on the reverse. These are issued by local realms in Alemannia, and common currency to the people in that nation. They are often broken in to halves or quarters to represent smaller denominations in trade. These are rare in Brythonia, but not unheard of, and are usually brought to port cities by Halfling sailors and traders.
  • Bleakland Kroners
    Crude silver, gold and electrum coins which have been brought to Brythonia in recent decades by the Orcish invaders. Orcs have begun sparing other races in exchange for large ransoms, and minting new coins. These are distributed by Orc warriors, and are common in lands ruled by them

Coins in Brythonia

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