Clan Marr


The colours of Clan Marr are Blue and Yellow. The symbol is a stag.


The holdings of Clan Marr follow the Dee and Don river valleys in southern Alba, between the Grampian and Cairngorn Mountains. The seat of Clan Marr has in the past been Obar Dheathain, but their holdings lie well to the north of the port city.

Notable Places

Held by the Balliol liege-family, the southern most holdings of Clan Marr.

Notable Clan Members


The Mormaer of Clan Marr is Donald Marr. He owes a debt to our heroes for their slaying of Green Bertha, the troll who held the road between his clans lands and Obar Dheathain.

The heroes also escorted his daughter, Eilleana, and her dowry to her wedding.


The Chaplain to the Mormaer of Marr is Father Roland. The heroes assisted him in transporting scrolls to Birness Monastery.

Other Notes

  • Clan Marr and Clan Buchan have had a historic rivalry, which has led to occasional bloodshed. Both clans have claimed the city of Obar Dheathain in the past as their seat.
  • The Heroes escorted Eileanna Nic Marr, daughter of the Mormaer to her wedding with Finn Mac Buchan, the son of the Mormaer of Clan Buchan. It’s hoped that this marriage will help overcome the rivalry between the clans.

Clan Marr

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