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  • Coins in Brythonia

    No kingdom in Brythonia has a functional enough economy to mint coins and maintain standard value. Most trade is conducted through barter. Clans for the dwarves, and other family and fealty systems for other races provide for their own. This is not to …

  • Economy in Brythonia

    Two centuries of invasion by the Orcs have reduced Brythonia, and [[Alba | Alba]] in particular to relying on barter instead of coins to run the economy. There is simply no sustainable industry, or merchant guilds that have survived the onslaught. …

  • Setting and Rules

    * Monks are not available as a class. * PC Clerics cannot have the Trickery or Death Domains. * PC Wizards cannot be Necromancers. * Dark Elves, Dragonborn, Forest Gnomes, Half-Elves, and Tieflings are not available as race options. * Feats will …

  • Setting Cosmos

    There are four planes of existence: Earth, Heaven, Hell, and Tir na Nog (the Fey lands). Three of the faiths practiced in [[Brythonia | Brythonia]] venerates one of these planes. h3. Religion There are four faiths practiced in Brythonia: * [[ …

  • Kingdoms

    * [[Brythonia | Brythonia]] * Kingdom of [[Franconia | Franconia]] * Holy Empire of [[Alamannia | Alamannia]] * [[The Bleaklands | The Bleaklands]]

  • Races

    h2. Available as hero races * Mountain Dwarves * Hill Dwarves * Black Dwarves * Humans * Wood Elves * High Elves * Orcs * Halflings * Rock Gnomes h2. Not available as hero races * Hobgoblins * Giants

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