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  • Thane Innis Lochaber

    A by-the-book administrator, interested in keeping peace. Direct and to the point in all matters. A strong sense of decorum and propriety Maintains offices overlooking the main square of [[Obar Dheathain | Obar Dheathain]] Arranged the wedding of …

  • Father Roland mac Marr

    He requested the heroes deliver scrolls to Birness Monastary. He requested the heroes destroy the ledger book of Simon of Altburg. Both these tasks were accomplished.

  • Simon of Altburg

    Recognized Mikdale of Alamannia for who he was. Requested Mikdale and the heroes serve as [[Chapter II | escort]] for himself to [[Birness Monastery | Birness Monastery]] from [[Castle Balliol | Castle Balliol]]. The party, was by [[:father-roland-mac- …

  • Baela of Couric

    The heroes [[Chapter II | escorted]] Baela of Couric from [[Castle Balliol | Balliol]] to [[Birness Monastery | Birness]]. She told them she wanted to visit her son, [[:seamus-of-couric | Seamus of Couric]], in Birness. She offered to pay them [[Coins …

  • Seamus of Couric

    His Mother, [[:baela-of-couric | Baela of Couric]], requested the heroes escort her to meet with Seamus in [[Birness Monastery | Birness Monastery]].

  • Kenzie mac Rois

    That Magister Kenzie is a member of the Lodge of Necromancy is not information that he volunteers, but not a fact he denies. He is always glad for company that doesn't ask him about his lodge, his dealings with the Black Dwarves, and grants him some …

  • Sean mac Marr

    Sean asked to accompany the heroes as they [[Chapter II | journeyed]] from [[Clan Marr | Marr]] to [[Clan Buchan | Buchan]], hoping to find new work with a different clan. He didn't have much to offer the heroes other than his gratitude and a promise of a …

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