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  • Alba

    h1. Kingdom of Alba h2. History of Alba In the summer of 839, Orcish raiders killed the Mountain Dwarf Kings Eogan mac Aonghaisa of Fortriu, and Aed mac Boanta of Dal Riata. A dwarven fighter, Cinaed Mac Alpin spent the next eight years uniting the …

  • Franconia

    Franconia is a powerful human kingdom west of the Mor Breizh channel and [[Brythonia | Brythonia]], and north of Alamannia. Franconia is a powerful and wealthy feudal society, also suffering from Orcish raids. *King*: Emeric of Franconia.

  • Alamannia

    The Holy Empire of Almannia is the homeland of the Aedonite faith, consisting of various kingdoms and peoples, southwest of [[Brythonia | Brythonia]] across the Eastern Sea. *Ruler*: Emperor Conrad the Second. The Emperor of Alamannia rules from …

  • Kingdoms

    * [[Brythonia | Brythonia]] * Kingdom of [[Franconia | Franconia]] * Holy Empire of [[Alamannia | Alamannia]] * [[The Bleaklands | The Bleaklands]]

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