King Harthacnut of Mercia

Orc King abroad, reconquering his father's kingdom


King Harthacnut is the son of King Cnut.

He became king in 1035 upon the death of his father. He is currently in the Bleaklands fighting to re-establish his father’s kingdom in those lands.

Lands under the rule of of Harthacnut include:

  • Mercia: ruled on his behalf by his brother Bhaghatur, the regent
  • The Northneyjar Coast: governed on behalf of Harthacnut by Cruoch nic Rua, the widow of his liegelord Jarl Olaf Sygtryggson
  • The Orkneyjar Islands: governed on his behalf by Jarl Thorfinn “the Mighty” Sigurdson.

King Harthacnut of Mercia

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